Monday 4 June 2012

British Journal Of Dermatology-Food And Drug Administration-Population Increases

FDA Approves Cip-Isotretinoin for AcneFDA Approves Cip-Isotretinoin for Acne

Cipher Pharmaceuticals' novel, patented brand formulation of the acne medication isotretinoin will reach the US market later this year under the brand name Absorica, the company says. Medscape Medical News (Source: Medscape Today Headlines)MedWorm Sponsor Message: Please have a look at this new site driven by MedWorm: The Breast Cancer Daily read more..

The south-east Scotland dermatology workload study: 30 years’ analysis

Conclusions Demand for dermatology continues to increase: new referrals have risen by 134% in 30 years, with a 36% increase in the last 5 years, despite corresponding population increases of 5·3% and 3%, respectively. (Source: British Journal of Dermatology) read more..

Another New Acne Medication Gets Approved by F.D.A.

Another new acne medication has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration -- this time it's an oral medication called Absorica. The active ingredient of this drug is one that we're all familiar with: isotretinoin. So, Absorica joins the ranks of Accutane-alternatives like Sotret, Amnesteem, and Claravis. And, just like all isotretinoin medications, it's meant only for those with severe acne and definitely cannot be used if you're pregnant....Read Full Post read more..

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