Wednesday 8 August 2012

Acne Treatment Products-Dead Skin Cells-Comedonal Acne

Salicylic Acid Benefits, Disadvantages and Features

This is part II of my comparison between two of the most popular OTC ingredients in acne treatment products. Next up is salicylic acid, which is based more on helping exfoliate bacteria and other stuff off your skin to prevent pore-clogging. Another common ingredient found in over-the-counter acne medications is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is used to treat non-inflamed acne. Comedonal acne is another name for non-inflamed acne. Ointments, cleansers, toners and other products used for acne treatment contain this ingredient. Many people with acne find salicylic acid products works to eliminate their pimples. The product helps dead skin cells to exfoliate. This assists in keeping the pores clear of flakes of dead skin. Everyone’s skin is regenerating each day. This process is called desquamation. The most inner layer of skin or epidermis has new cell development. Eventually the new skin cells reach the top layer of skin to replace the surface cells. The surface cells are now dead flakes of skin. It take about 28 days for this process to occur. Salicylic acid has been created to make the outer skin cells be removed quicker than the usual 28 days.  By the way, you can read about addition information [...] read more..

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