Saturday 11 August 2012

Teen Acne-Product

L’Oreal go 360 Clean…also = irritation

The L’Oreal go 360 Clean is a product that came out recently which has a scrubber that pops out which you can then use to scrub the cleanser into your skin. I tried it, and much like the Clarsonic, Wavesonic, and Olay ProX, it is fun to use, but creates unnecessary irritation. No matter how [...] read more..

Treating Teen Acne In Girls

These top 10 tips for treating teen acne in girls will help you get control of your skin. (Source: Eating Disorders)MedWorm Sponsor Message: Please support the Doctors In Chains campaign for the medics tortured and sentenced for up to 15 years in Bahrain. #FreeDoctors read more..

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